OSCN a non-profit organization that places the needs of critical care for children with the most up-to-date hospital and evidence based care in Nepal. We use our time, highly skilled medical staff and resources to give tender care to the children of Nepal. We are registered with the District Administration Office, Kathmandu, Nepal as a Non Governmental Organization (Rgd. No 883).

This organization was created by a group of pediatricians and motivated social workers on February 2012, out of necessity to address the inequality in the care of sepsis children including the specialized acute and intensive care, free services to the needy Nepalese Children in an effort to curb outrageous infant and child mortality of Nepal.


To provide highly specialized care to children suffering from critical illnesses by donating our resources, our time and our talents. To persuade people to share their gifts that will enable us to reach the critically ill needy Nepalese children. To remove the inequality in the care of critically ill children through services as mentioned in The Geeta: the words of Lord Krishna.